Council and School Workers’ Pay Offer Received

 5 December 2017     

FAIR PAY NOW  Bulletin                                                      Issue Number 06 


UNISON, GMB and Unite have today received the attached letter from the Local Government Employers outlining a proposed two-year NJC pay deal for council and school staff in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The UNISON bulletin quotes the spinal column points (SCP’s) of the national pay structure. Please note Breckland Council is  not covered by these negotiations and in Norfolk County Council local SCP’s apply from SCP from point 38 and above.

Under the offer, those currently on SCP 6 – the lowest paid – would receive a pay increase of 16% over two years. Employees on scale points 7-19 will receive increases of between 9% and 3.7% in year 1. Employees on scale point 20 and above would receive an increase of 2%.


Employees will be assimilated on to a new pay spine in year 2. Those on the bottom pay point will receive £9 an hour. New scale points 2-22 from 1 April 2019 will have new, even 2% differentials. Employees on new scale point 23 and above receive a further 2% increase on 2018 salaries.

The LGA’s offer in detail is as follows:

From 1 April 2018:

  • On SCP 6, £1,380 (equivalent to 9.191%)
  • On SCP 7, £1,380 (equivalent to 9.130%)
  • On SCP 8, £1,380 (equivalent to 9.052%)
  • On SCP 9, £1,380 (equivalent to 8.976%)
  • On SCP 10, £1,250 (equivalent to 8.006%)
  • On SCP 11, £1,200 (equivalent to 7.592%)
  • On SCP 12, £1,050 (equivalent to 6.512%)
  • On SCP 13, £900 (equivalent to 5.458%)
  • On SCP 14, £900 (equivalent to 5.363%)
  • On SCP 15, £900 (equivalent to 5.272%)
  • On SCP 16, £900 (equivalent to 5.167%)
  • On SCP 17, £900 (equivalent to 5.064%)
  • On SCP 18, £800 (equivalent to 4.427%)
  • On SCP 19, £700 (equivalent to 3.734%)
  • On SCPs 20 and above, 2.0% pay increase

The proposed 2019 new pay spine is based on the following:

  • A bottom rate of £9.00 per hour (£17,364) on new SCP1 (current SCP6)
  • ‘Pairing off’ old SCPs 6-17 inclusive to create new SCPs 1-6 inclusive
  • Equal steps of 2.0% between each new SCPs 1 to 22 inclusive (old SCPs 6-28 inclusive)
  • Creating equal steps between pay points would introduce new SCPs 10, 13, 16, 18 and 21 to which no old SCPs would assimilate.
  • On new SCPs 23 and above (equivalent to old SCPs 29 and above), 2.0%

The total increase to the local government pay bill resulting from this offer is 5.6% over two years (covering the period 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2020).

We were expecting to receive the LGA’s offer at the NJC Executive on 13 December. This meeting is still going ahead to formally receive the offer. UNISON’s NJC Committee will then consider the offer at its meeting on 14 December. GMB and Unite will also put the offer to their respective committees for consideration.

NJC pay in London

The pay spine for NJC employees in London is different from the one for other NJC employees. Normally the NJC offer would be applied to the London pay points. However, given the restructuring of the NJC pay spine, discussions are currently taking place between the London employers and the trade unions about the offer.

Pay Up for Council and School Workers

In the meantime, it’s crucial that branches use this Friday’s Pay Up for Council and School Workers Protest Day to highlight the dire state of NJC pay and the urgent need for central government to fund local government and schools properly, so that they can give their employees a decent pay rise that doesn’t put services or jobs at risk.

A further update will follow after the NJC Committee meeting next week.