Pay Up Now – Consultative ballot result

The result for the Consultative Pay Ballot for the 2018/20 pay offer in UNISON Norfolk County Branch was as follows…

Eligible members to vote                                                           4624

Number of members voting to REJECT the pay offer                 441

Number of members voting to ACCEPT the pay offer                515

Spoilt ballot papers                                                                          0

As you can see our members voted narrowly to ACCEPT the pay offer but this is one small part of the national ballot which voted by a whisker to REJECT the pay offer. Please see the update below concerning the national result and the proposed way forward. I do have some concerns with this approach as UNISON is a member led trade union and the vote of the members should carry greater weight than the views of our structures, however our national committee elected by you has recommended acceptance of the offer and I welcome your view on whether to accept or reject as a national union.

Thank you

Jonathan Dunning

Branch Secretary

“The UNISON National Joint Committee met to today to consider the response.

UNISON members have very narrowly rejected the LGA’s offer, with 50.44% voting to reject and 48.66% voting to accept it. (0.89% of ballot papers were spoilt.) 

However, 62.4% of branches and 8 out of 11 Regions have voted to accept the offer.

The Committee had recommended rejection of the offer to members as the basis of the membership consultation. However, since the offer has been very narrowly rejected overall, but accepted by the majority of branches and Regions, the Committee agreed the following next steps:

In light of the results of the consultation on the 2018-20 pay offer, this NJC Committee agrees:

  • To reluctantly amend its recommendation to acceptance of the pay offer
  • To consult branches via Regions on the revised recommendation to accept the offer
  • This consultation to be completed by 5 April 2018″