NorseCare Terms and Conditions Changes Confirmed

Ballot Outcome

Thanks again for voting on the revised proposals. The results are as follows regarding the changes to;

  • Overtime Threshold…… … For 110 v Against 14
  • Concessionary Day…….……For 117 v Against 8
  • Sickness Pay………………..…..For 121 v Against 4
  • Maternity Pay, return to work….For 118 v Against 7

Whilst we would want to come up with an outcome that everyone would support, there is clearly a significant majority voting in favour of each of the four proposed changes. This means that UNISON will agree to the proposals.

We did however take note of the points made by the people who voted “no”. A common theme was the impact of the increase in the overtime threshold on workers who volunteer to do additional hours to get a wage they can live off. Earlier in the negotiations UNISON made Norsecare aware that increasing the threshold before enhanced pay was awarded could result in less people volunteering to do overtime and an increase in the agency pay bill. Norsecare have agreed to the UNISON suggestion that the impact of this change will be jointly reviewed. If our fears are justified there may be a need to reconsider this change.

Norsecare will be writing to all staff notifying you of the changes. The overtime change is from February 2019, the other three from April 2019.

Finally thank you for all the UNISON members who voted in our two ballots. The high number of you voted against the first two set of proposals resulted in the final offer that was a significant improvement. It was a demonstration that united, ordinary workers can stand up for their rights and defend their pay and conditions. If this had have happened in a non- unionised workplace you can bet the first set of proposals would have been implemented by now.

We need to keep building up our strength as we know that Norfolk County Council has to make even more cuts in the years ahead. We have also heard from the Chancellor of the Exchequer that a “no deal” Brexit would lead to even more austerity in the public sector. This could mean even more cuts to County Councils budgets. However UNISON believe it would be foolish of NCC to make further cuts to the Norsecare budget as NC already provide value for money and are the fall back provider for the Council when other private sector homes are struggling.

Please keep encouraging your colleagues who are not in a union to join UNISON.

Chris Pond UNISON Convenor and Jonathan Dunning, Branch Secretary

12 September 2018