MP’s concerns to UNISON about closing Burnham House

Burman House – Local MP Responds

UNISON have raised the closure of Burman House with local MP Elizabeth Truss. Her response is as follows;

“I am extremely concerned to read about the closure of Burman House. I have raised a number of points with the Managing Director of Norsecare. I have asked Norsecare to outline the number of spare beds available in the local area in a care home of equal standard to accommodate residents if Burman does close. I have also urged Norsecare to fully take board the comments made by staff, residents and their families – I am keen to ensure they are fully consulted”

Whilst UNISON appreciate this response Ms Truss has not picked up the point we made that this situation has arisen because of decisions made the Conservative led County Council and that if NCC cut the Norsecare budget they are all but forcing them to close homes. Of course NCC are only making these cuts because of the Conservative Government cuts to their budget.

UNISON sees the proposed closure as a political decision and not a policy decision that is in the power of the Managing Director of Norsecare.

You can respond to the consultation here and sign UNISON’s petition here.

Jonathan Dunning

Branch Secretary