Consultative Pay Ballot begins in Norfolk County Council

Pay Proposal for 1st April 2019

Dear Member

NCC has made a formal proposal that whilst not everything UNISON would have wished for delivers a credible solution that you should have the right to vote upon.

Here is the proposal that was arrived at after negotiations with UNISON. It details how it affects grades A to G; please read this before you vote. The full explanatory letter,NJC pay scales and Equality Impact Assessment are at the end of this post.

Norfolk_County_Council_proposed_salary_scales_1st_April_2019_(3) (1)

UNISON are pleased with the proposal for grades A to D as the number of Spinal Column Points (SCP’s) will reduce which means people get to the top of their grade sooner. We are disappointed that grades E to G will all increase to having 5 SCP’s within them. We accept that a vast majority of our members are already on the top of their grade so will not be effected but others will now take longer to reach the top of their grade.

In the negotiations we have to fit the new national SCP’s to our existing pay spine. As SCPs have been deleted from the bottom end of the salary scale that inevitably means grades with less SCP’s. As SCP’s have been added higher up the pay spine that means grades with more SCP’s. We have discretion not to use some of the SCP’s so as to prevent grades becoming excessively long.

UNISON believe that in the ideal pay structure grades E to F should be 3 SCP’s long so as to be consistent with the grades above them. We indicated to NCC that a compromise of having grades E to G at 4 SCP’s long would be a compromise that we would be prepared to recommend to our members. However NCC believes that the cost of doing this is prohibitive.

As this proposal changes the pay structure it represents a change of contract to all NCC workers so any agreement has to be endorsed by a majority of UNISON members.

The Consultative Ballot on whether to accept or reject Norfolk County Council’s pay proposal starts now. Most members will be consulted electronically using SurveyGizmo for an E Ballot.

Members without Email will be consulted by postal ballot and will receive their Postal Ballots week commencing 17 December.

If postal ballot papers for members without an Email address have not been received by 24th December – contact the branch office direct, or send an Email to

If your E voting ballot papers have not been received by 16 December – first check your Junk Email folder to ensure the ballot paper from SurveyGizmo has not been consigned to junk?

If you have not received the E Ballot paper after checking your Junk Folder on 16 December then you can request a postal ballot paper instead to making sure you give your name & workplace- so that we know who you are.

The Ballot closes at midday on 7January 2019.

Contained below are the full details of the Offer and the related documentation from HR.


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(1)EQIA_v8_Nov18_v2_final (2)

Yours faithfully


Jonathan Dunning

Branch Secretary