NJC Pay Claim 2020/21

The  NJC Executive Trade Union Side met 18/07/19 to receive report backs on individual unions’ consultations on the contents of the 2020/21 NJC pay claim.

The following headline claim was agreed:

  • A real living wage of £10 per hour to be introduced for NJC scp 1 and a 10% increase on all other NJC/GLPC pay points
  • A one day increase to the minimum paid annual leave entitlement set out in the Green Book
  • A reduction in the standard working week set out in Green Book to 35 hours (34 in London) with no loss of pay
  • A comprehensive joint national review of the workplace causes of stress and mental health throughout local authorities

The written claim is now being finalised for submission to the Local Government Association. Details of the UNISON pay campaign will follow.