General Election and Social Care

Dear Candidate

General Election and Social Care.

Despite the importance of Brexit in the current General Election campaign, we share the view of all parties that we must look beyond this.

Social Care is acknowledged by most people to be “in crisis” and we expect all political parties would want to support the notion that people with disadvantages resulting from poor mental health, disabilities of various kinds, older age or poverty should be supported and enabled to live dignified and fulfilling lives. The question is how to achieve this.

We propose radical changes to rebuild a social care service that is publicly funded and free at the point of need. This is completely affordable given the political will. Services should be delivered by accountable public organisations, removing the profit motive from the service. Staff providing these skilled, sensitive and often difficult services should be properly trained, properly rewarded, properly managed and properly respected alongside their NHS colleagues.

Having become aware of each party’s election manifesto, as we understand it the Labour Party broadly agrees with us that there should be a National Care Service free at the point of need although there is no commitment to public provision or to an acknowledgement that taxpayers will have to fund the commitments that are made.The Conservatives having been in Government for almost 10 years now seem to be saying that they would look for cross party agreement having previously said that they had a plan to put to the people in this election. Lib Dem policy is to have a hypothecated tax of 1p in the pound to meet the needs of Health and Social Care while the Green Party would make residential care free at the point of need.

Older age will affect all of us however old we are at the moment and we must not forget the needs of working age people requiring care because of disability or mental health issues. We are interested to know what candidates make of our outlined proposal and would be delighted to receive specific details of their party’s proposals on this issue. In order to inform our members prior to the General Election we would be grateful if you could respond by 9th December although we anticipate this matter being high on the agenda afterwards.

Yours Sincerely

James Porter Chair

David Button Secretary


Norfolk County Branch Retired members Section of Unison.

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