Compulsory Vaccinations in Care Homes

Following reports in today’s media that the government is set to announce that Covid-19 vaccinations are to be made compulsory for care home staff, UNISON’s view is the way out of the pandemic is for everyone that can to have their jabs. However, this heavy-handed approach runs the risk of backfiring. Experience and research demonstrate that encouragement has the best results. Coercion makes the nervous less likely to be vaccinated with an already understaffed care sector running the risk of losing valued carers.The Government are suggesting compulsion against the advice of employer organisations and we have already seen a collective response from the care provider sector strongly criticising this move.If this were to go ahead there may be the possibility for a legal challenge particularly if an individual has a genuine reason for not wanting to have the vaccine. If there was a reason with links to the Equality Act any legal challenge would have a greater chance of success.

If you have concerns about this proposal please contact us as soon as possible. We would need to understand the reasons why you do not want to be vaccinated.

If you wish to discuss this further with your UNISON representative, the contact details are listed below for the representative in your sector.


Deborah Rye – Private and Voluntary Sector –

Kris Holt – Senior Steward, Children’s Service, Norfolk County Council –

Melissa Brown – Senior Steward, Adult Care, Norfolk County Council –

Chris Pond – Senior Steward, Norsecare –

Steve Eames – Senior Steward, Independence Matters –