Education Update – Spring 2024

Frances Crum, the Unison County Branch Education & Welfare Officer, provides the following update:

I know that Spring seems a long time off at the moment but please see below for the TUC’s Spring webinar programme. It has some excellent topics that we, as stewards, need to know about to help our members (and in some service cases, ourselves) face any potential uncertainty ahead.

  • Minimum Service Levels are a very real problem within the current economic climate.
  • Increased reduction in workplace temperatures are also with us as organisations and households try to cut back on utility expenses. Bargaining for better pay is always on the agenda and it helps to keep abreast of what the TUC says on the matter (what is legal and what isn’t apart from anything else).
  • With many workplaces facing restructures, it is good to hear how other sectors and workplaces deal with it and how stewards can help members facing restructures.
  • Employment law is a minefield and constantly changing so it is worth checking out what the latest updates are.
  • Past and future webinars are also available on a range of topics and all are designed to help you negotiate for members and provide stability in unstable times.

Don’t forget to check out our Branch Website and guide members (and non-members) to it whenever you can.  It is a brilliant source of information which Amanda and Marcus keep up to date for us.  See here

Check out the Eastern Region Education and Training webpages here for the latest offerings coming up in the year ahead.  More will become available from time to time so keep checking the site. Many are online but some are face to face.

The courses scheduled so far include:

  • Stewards Recertification (you need to do this every 5 years or your skills and knowledge risks being out of date with impacts ranging from giving people the wrong information and impacting our branch’s insurance).
  • New Stewards’ Courses.
  • ULR courses – yes we need Union learning reps to provide learning for members
  • Health and Safety Reps courses – we would ideally like to see every steward become a H&S rep.
  • Employment Law courses (sexual orientation discrimination;  contracts; redundancy and TUPE; gender identity discrimination; disability discrimination; sexual harassment; religion and belief discrimination; race discrimination; age discrimination andsex discrimination).
  • Beginner’s Guide to equal pay.
  • Understanding market-related pay and market forces supplements.

Finally, don’t forget to refer members through to the UNISON College for more education opportunities (you also have access to these as a member not just as a steward).  See website.  The team at LAOS keep it jam packed and up to date so please check it out regularly.
The offerings in the next 2 months include:
Borrowing: Dealing with Debt (everybody)
Budgeting (everybody)
Mindfulness (everybody)
The UNISON Learning Café
National Committee Skills training – dealing with Committee Paperwork

Make sure you have an awesome day (not just a good one) and remember that together we rise.