Payplan Blog June 2024

June 2024 PayPlan Blog Gambling Harm during the Euros For many individuals, gambling can be harmless fun, especially during high-profile events such as the Euros, but for many, gambling can cause utter devastation. Gambling addiction can lead to job losses, relationship and family issues, breakdowns and even suicide. How to spot if you or someone […]

Payplan Blog June 2024

June 2024 PayPlan Blog Working together to support neurodivergent individuals In an increasingly inclusive society, the unique perspectives of neurodivergent individuals – those with conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and others – are gaining recognition. Despite the progress made through education and real-life experience, there are many barriers that these individuals still experience, such […]

Learning at Work week – and more

  Something for everyone in this update – stewards and members… Today is the start of Learning at Work Week (also known as LAW Week) which runs from 13th to 19th May this year which UNISON is also participating in – see more below. UNISON’s Learning at Work Week offerings can be found here and […]

Norfolk UNISON responds to concerns about transphobia

Norfolk UNISON has raised serious concerns with Norfolk County Council (NCC) concerning recent online comments by Norfolk Councillor Kay Mason-Billig about displays of artwork, and posters about the Millennium Library in Norwich being a safe space for trans visitors, being removed. Thankfully, the poster has now been reinstated in the library. Nonetheless, the fact that […]

A man completing a jigsaw of the brain. Several pieces are missing

September 2023 PayPlan Blog

September is World Alzheimer’s Month. Here you can find out more about the condition and how you can help in promoting awareness.

Ballot and pay update

An update on Local Government pay

NJC Local Government Pay Offer 2022 / 23

The letter below has been sent to Unison by the National Employers in relation to 2022 / 23 Local Government pay

Winter Fuel Grant 2022

At a time when many members will be struggling with fuel bills, Unison will once again be running the Winter Fuel Grant Programme for 2022.

Local Government Pay Claim 2021, Result of Branch Consultation

Members working at North Norfolk District Council, Great Yarmouth Borough Council and Norfolk County Council have narrowly mandated our negotiator’s to seek a 10% across the board pay rise for employees for 2021. This result has been feedback to the UNISON Head of local Government at the Regional Office in Bury St Edmunds. This will […]

NJC Pay Ballot underway for Schools and Local Government workers

NJC Final Pay Offer 2020/21 – Local Government and Schools Pay Ballot running from Monday 6 July to Wednesday 5 August 2020. An Electronic ballot from SurveyGizmo was sent on Monday 6 July to all members with an Email address asking you to vote now to Accept, or Reject the NJC Pay Offer for 2020/21. […]