UNISON members in Norfolk show how BREXIT will affect them and public services

The government is playing Jenga with my future and if they pull the piece I could become illegal in this country overnight International workers in the Norfolk County branch have made a short film telling the story of their fears and apprehensions following the UK’s vote to leave the EU. A branch steward, an EU […]

Feeding Fat Cats – the government wants to penalise the innocent

The government has recently introduced the civil liability bill into parliament which will deny access to justice to hundreds of thousands of people injured at work or on the roads every year.         By Henrietta Phillips, Thompsons Solicitors Currently, anyone who is injured in a workplace accident or on the road can claim […]


For council and school workers 6 April 2018  PAY UP NOW bulletin : Issue Number 07 UNISON ACCEPTS NJC PAY OFFER The UNISON NJC Committee met today to consider branch feedback on its recommendation that UNISON should accept the NJC pay offer for 2018-20. The previous membership consultation resulted in a very narrow overall vote […]

Pay Up Now – Consultative ballot result

The result for the Consultative Pay Ballot for the 2018/20 pay offer in UNISON Norfolk County Branch was as follows… Eligible members to vote                                                           4624 Number of members voting to REJECT the pay offer                 441 Number of members voting to ACCEPT the pay offer                515 Spoilt ballot papers                                                                          0 As you can see our members voted […]

Pay up Now – Consultative Ballot starts

All members covered by the NJC Pay Offer for local government and schools UNISON is now running a Consultative Ballot on whether to accept or reject the employers 2 year pay offer. Members will be consulted electronically using SurveyGizmo during the next two weeks. Members without Email will be consulted by postal ballot and will receive […]

NJC Committee recommends REJECTING schools and council pay offer

For council and school workers 24 January 2018 PAY UP NOW Bulletin Issue Number 02 NJC COMMITTEE RECOMMENDS MEMBERS REJECT LOCAL GOVERNMENT PAY OFFER UNISON’s National Joint Council Committee met yesterday to consider the NJC pay offer for council and school support staff. In a close vote, the NJC Committee decided to recommend that members REJECT […]

Councillors’ allowances up 11% – Letter to the Editor

Dear UNISON member – Like you I share a sense of outrage over the decision confirmed on 9 January to increase Councillors’ allowances by 11% in a time of severe cutbacks and repeated below inflation pay increases for school and council employees. See a copy of my, as yet unpublished letter to the EDP Editor in response to […]

Reverse the increase in allowances to Norfolk County Councillors

Reverse the increase in allowances to Norfolk County Councillors sign up via this link We urge you to sign the above petition supported by both Liberal Democrat and Labour County Councillors. Do you think it’s reasonable for the Conservative dominated County Council to award themselves inflation busting allowance increases when Children’s Services Centres budgets are being cut and most employees have not received a pay […]

Council and School Workers’ Pay Offer Received

 5 December 2017      FAIR PAY NOW  Bulletin                                                      Issue Number 06  COUNCIL AND SCHOOL WORKERS’ PAY OFFER RECEIVED UNISON, GMB and Unite have today received the attached letter from the Local Government Employers outlining a proposed two-year NJC pay deal for council and school staff in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The UNISON bulletin quotes the spinal […]

Children’s Centres Meeting : 6:40pm on 13 December 2017 at The Forum

Children’s Centres Cuts  -Meeting on Wednesday 13 December The County Council is looking to cut the Children’s Centres funding by 50% over two years; that’s a total cut of £5m/annum. However the Council are not calling it a cut they describe it as to “remodel the children’s centre offer”. They talk vaguely about children’s centres […]