Councillors’ allowances up 11% – Letter to the Editor

Dear UNISON member – Like you I share a sense of outrage over the decision confirmed on 9 January to increase Councillors’ allowances by 11% in a time of severe cutbacks and repeated below inflation pay increases for school and council employees. See a copy of my, as yet unpublished letter to the EDP Editor in response to […]

Reverse the increase in allowances to Norfolk County Councillors

Reverse the increase in allowances to Norfolk County Councillors sign up via this link We urge you to sign the above petition supported by both Liberal Democrat and Labour County Councillors. Do you think it’s reasonable for the Conservative dominated County Council to award themselves inflation busting allowance increases when Children’s Services Centres budgets are being cut and most employees have not received a pay […]

Council and School Workers’ Pay Offer Received

 5 December 2017      FAIR PAY NOW  Bulletin                                                      Issue Number 06  COUNCIL AND SCHOOL WORKERS’ PAY OFFER RECEIVED UNISON, GMB and Unite have today received the attached letter from the Local Government Employers outlining a proposed two-year NJC pay deal for council and school staff in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The UNISON bulletin quotes the spinal […]

Children’s Centres Meeting : 6:40pm on 13 December 2017 at The Forum

Children’s Centres Cuts  -Meeting on Wednesday 13 December The County Council is looking to cut the Children’s Centres funding by 50% over two years; that’s a total cut of £5m/annum. However the Council are not calling it a cut they describe it as to “remodel the children’s centre offer”. They talk vaguely about children’s centres […]

Pay Up Now!

4 December – the public sector pay debate in Westminster Hall.
The Chancellor may have ignored the public service pay cap in the budget last week, but UNISON’s Pay Up Now! campaign continues….

Keep Norfolk PCSOs

Norfolk Constabulary has announced plans to sack all of its 150 Police Community Support Officers and close 14 police stations and enquiry offices. Take action now to help stop this….

Scrap the cap and give workers a proper pay rise, says UNISON

The government’s pay cap is cutting deep for public service workers Speaking at the TUC public sector pay rally in Westminster 17/10/17, UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “Today inflation hit its highest rate for five years, three times the level of pay rises. “The government’s pay cap is cutting deep – for care workers, hospital porters, […]

Pay Up Now!

The government is now under real pressure to scrap the 1% cap on public sector wages and UNISON is leading the fight to get you the pay rise you deserve. More and more people are listening and supporting our Pay Up Now! campaign.

Norfolk Pension Fund and catastrophic climate change

Norfolk Pension Fund has over £140 million invested, directly or indirectly, in the fossil fuel industry in companies such as BG Group, Royal Dutch Shell and Rio Tinto1.

Children’s Services stay in safe location

UNISON wins the case for a safe and fit for purpose re-location of Children’s Services Teams to County Hall instead of a wholly inadequate proposal of temporary move to Vantage House.