NorseCare Consultation

NorseCare Consultation – Bulletin Number 2- dated 23 August 2018


All members have had posted another Ballot by first class post on 22 August 2018 on whether to ACCEPT or REJECT the final improved offer after the last offer was Rejected by members.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent ballot. UNISON shared your views with NorseCare on 13 August, and we communicated your concerns regarding the revised offer which has now been improved.

From the votes received, the overall response was 70 members rejected the changes and 62 agreed.  UNISON used the votes cast to challenge NorseCare and they have, once again, improved the offer.

NorseCare have subsequently responded with a final improved proposal because of your feedback.  UNISON members can vote on the revised proposal that now includes no changes to your sick pay if you have 5 or more years’ service alongside no changes to you bank holiday lieu day entitlements.

Before you review the proposal, please be aware that NorseCare have stressed that if unable to reach an agreement it could affect their ability to minimise/protect further homes closures. NorseCare have assured us they will work to maintain all their schemes, but with high costs and pressure from Norfolk County Council (NCC) to achieve closer market parity (have the same running costs as private providers), long term sustainability could be at risk. UNISON will continue to try and get NCC to accept if they want quality care they have to pay extra for it, a simple concept they seem NOT to want to understand.  NorseCare wanted us to flag up that they are mindful that protecting job roles is critical and their desire to offer good rates of pay remains a key driver to support recruitment and retention.

We would ask you to carefully review the proposals in light of the above and vote “YES” or “NO” on each of the headings and return your views by mid-day on Friday 7 September 2018.

Please note, NorseCare have already agreed:

  • Bank Holiday lieu days remain untouched – you retain all of these.
  • Sickness for the first 3 days remains the same, so staff retain the £17.00 per day.
  • Night staff will receive an uplift to £8.70 per hour, applicable to new and tier 3 night care and support workers.
  • NorseCare have already uplifted the paternity pay to 2 weeks full pay for those eligible.


If you have not received your consultative Ballot paper and letter by 28 August please contact the branch office on 01603 222384 or Email.